Sunday School Lesson

“This is Daniel, our new pupil,” said Mrs Klentch, “he is from Missouri and he tells me he has read the whole Bible, Old Testament and New.”

“If you know so much, then why don’t you tell us who God is,” Sally said, “Mrs Klentch doesn’t know. She says he’s a mystery.”

Mrs Klentch automatically reached for the ruler, but Daniel was too quick . “God is an elephant,” he said.

“You wicked little–” Mrs Klentch started, but Pastor Bob had just entered the room and he stopped her. “Go on, Daniel, how is God  an elephant.”

“All these different people come looking for God,” Daniel said, “and there he is, right in front of them, like a big elephant. And so the Muslims they grab a leg, and the Jews they grab the tail, and the Christians they grab the trunk. And then each one of them says they know who God is, and when the others disagree they get mad and argue about it.”

Mrs Klentch squirmed around on her chair, and tried to clear her throat. Pastor Bob nodded. “Does it matter which piece of the elephant they get hold of?” he asked.

“No, it don’t,” Daniel said, “if they really grab hold they catch the spirit of the elephant, and  there’s just as much elephant spirit in the tail or the ear as in the trunk.”

“But none of them know how big the elephant really is, do they?” said Pastor Bob, “and they don’t even know what a tiny piece they have ahold of.”

“Did I mention they’re all blind?” said Daniel?

“You did not,” said Pastor Bob, “but I figured that out. So the way you see it, it’s OK they don’t know how big the elephant is, so long as they hold on to their part of it?

“Yes,” Daniel said, “they just have hold on and they’ll be OK.”

“…and not get mad and argue,” he added as an afterthought, “they got to not fight about it.”

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  1. This is a story that many of us have heard with some variations, but it is good to hear it again in a little different context. I liked your telling of it. I agree that the elephant is just too big for the blind men to get the full picture.

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