The 2nd Life of the Cat Herder

For many months I have been writing everything I wanted to say on my facebook page. It is easier than firing up this WordPress site, and on facebook I have a friendly audience. This website is not well connected, and publishing something here is not that different from driving out into  the country, parking on a forest road, getting out of the car, walking 10 steps into the woods, and reading my stuff out loud. On a good day, there might be a couple hikers and a turkey hunter around. 

But yesterday, I got an email from the hosting service that keeps The Cat Herder alive. It said my site was deactivated because I hadn’t paid my rent. Blue Host is not exactly a slum lord, but their services are pricey. And if I based my decision to renew solely on how much I’d been using this website, the reasonable thing to do would have been to shut it down. 

But I didn’t. I paid Blue Host what they required and they brought The Cat Herder back to life. Now what? Nothing has changed. If I write stuff here, it floats off into the mists of cyberspace with scarcely a ripple of visibility. 

I would like more visibility. But writing for me has never been primarily attention-seeking. I write because it clears the fog of out of my head; helps me sharpen my thoughts. And because I enjoy it. When someone else reads it and replies, especially if that reply is kind and supportive, I feel happy and grateful. But it is not the getting read that clears my thoughts, it is the writing. 

So I have resuscitated The Cat Herder, for another year. In exchange, The Cat Herder agrees to act pretty much like a regular cat and ignore me until I decide I want to give it some attention.  





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  1. I appreciate your thoughtful posts. With my WordPress blog I can share to FaceBook where no one reads them either. But I feel like maybe someday I might get a like or a woohoo! Or something.

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