The Cat Herder

Herding cats is a pretty good metaphor for life, or at  least my life.  It suggests the pursuit of that which is divergent and hard to catch. Since cats by their nature can’t be successfully rounded up and restrained, a cat herder must be resourceful, creative, patient, and persevering.  A good cat herder combines the best qualities of a shepherd, a cowboy, and an air traffic controller.

You can see the relevance of those qualities to blogging. Here I am, pursuing a bunch of different writing projects, each with it’s own direction. I will never capture perfection in any of those projects; they won’t even get me a Pulitzer. But If I aspire to the qualities I mentioned above, there is something in it for both of us. I get the satisfaction of transforming refractory and wayward thoughts into readable, perhaps interesting, poetry and prose. You get the pleasure of reading it.

Sometimes I will let you down. I know I don’t always make everything as interesting as I intend. But you should click through that little horizontal menu up there, and the archive files on the left. Maybe you’ll run across pages that are worth a read.

If you don’t, you’ll just be one of those cats that got away.  In any case,  thanks for stopping by.



…of course it's hard, Grasshopper. You must learn to be one with the cat.

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